Dates: oct 21-28, 2018

Itinerary: 8 days, 7 nights

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Cost: starting at $3,299

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Day 5-8: Exploring the home of tonkotsu in fukuoka

  • Tonkotsu ramen dinner at an iconic Hakata shop
  • Breakfast at Ichiran
  • A visit to the beautiful Tenman-gū shrine in nearby Dazaifu
  • Experience Japanese history at the Kyushu National Museum
  • Dinner at the iconic street food stalls of Fukuoka called yatai
  • Sushi at the docks
  • Ramen at the original tonkotsu ramen shop
  • Building on the classics with modern ramen
  • Historical walk through Fukuoka
  • Fun and delicious yakitori dinner

Note: We will be walking quite a bit while we are in Japan. Tokyo especially is best experienced on foot. Public transportation in the country is some of the best in the world, and we will take full advantage of it.


Day 1-4: Ramen in Tokyo, the largest city in the world

  • Private transfer from either Haneda or Narita airport to the four-star Hotel Gracery Shinjuku
  • Shinjuku Tsukemen Festival, one of the top ramen festivals in the world
  • Depachika tour of the astounding offerings and precision of a food hall in the basement of a luxury department store
  • Tokyo Ramen Street, a collection of the best ramen shops in Tokyo
  • Izakaya pub crawl for yakitori, onigiri, okonomiyaki and a lot more!
  • All day ramen school
  • Tour of a ramen noodle factory
  • Ramen dinner tour
  • Bento box shopping
  • Shinkansen (high-speed train) from Tokyo to Fukuoka
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