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Ramen in Tokyo and fukuoka, japan

For people who travel to eat


Ramen in Tokyo and fukuoka, japan

For people who travel to eat

Day 1: Welcome to the largest city in the world


We will meet you at the Tokyo airport of your choice. Both Haneda and Narita airports serve the massive city of Tokyo, home to nearly 40 million people. You will be transported to the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, a 4-star hotel overlooking the bustling and iconic Shinjuku district. Godzilla sits atop the hotel keeping watch over Shinjuku, the original location of Godzilla’s attack on Tokyo. We will jump right into our ramen experience at the Shinjuku Tsukemen Festival, one of the best ramen festivals in the world. We will try all of the ramen they have on offer with up to 20 different shops represented at a time. After we have our fill of ramen, you will have the evening to work off all that ramen by walking among the crowds in Shinjuku, taking part in virtual reality video games, shopping in the Shinjuku department stores, or exploring the iconic Japanese arcades.

Meals included: Late lunch/dinner

Day 2: Depachika tour, Tokyo Ramen Street and an evening izakaya crawl

e will start the day with a breakfast tour of one of the best depachikas in Tokyo. Depachikas are the incredible food halls in the basements of most department stores, and we will spend our morning wandering among the pristine produce, square melons, perfect croissants, and Japanese delicacies. Lunch will be at Tokyo Ramen Street, a collection of eight of the best ramen shops in Tokyo now collected in Tokyo Station. After some afternoon free time, we will head out on an izakaya crawl. Casual Japanese pubs are called izakayas, and they serve food like meat skewers, grilled rice balls, dumplings and grilled eel. They are great places to meet your friends for a casual drink and some snacks after work.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner (including some drinks)


Day 3:  Ramen school

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If you have ever wondered about all the work and complexity that goes into a bowl of ramen, this day is for you! We will attend a very well-respected ramen school where many professionals from around Japan and the world come to learn, practice and become ramen masters. The family that runs this school has had their own ramen shop for years, and they decided to open a school to help others become experts. You will learn about the components of ramen, from the tare, broth and noodles, to the basics of dashi and the science of umami.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch

Day 4: Ramen, noodle factory and more ramen


You will have the morning to yourself to experience Tokyo rush hour on the subway, explore parts of the city you haven’t visited yet, or take a jog around Shinjuku to work up an appetite. You will need it today! We will start off with lunch at a classic and highly rated ramen shop. We will buy our ramen tickets outside the shop at the ticket dispensing machine, then head inside to hand our tickets to the ramen master. After lunch, we will visit a noodle factory and learn all about the secrets of making chewy, springy, ramen noodles. In the evening, we will visit three more ramen shops, experiencing some of the many varied ramen styles available in Tokyo.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner (including some drinks)


Day 5: Bento boxes for our shinkansen ride to the home of tonkotsu


Fukuoka (aka Hakata) is the home of tonkotsu ramen. Tonkotsu, or pork, ramen began as a hearty and affordable dish for the workers at the fish market. Tonkotsu ramen is now a worldwide trend, and the most popular version of ramen. We will journey to Fukuoka on the island of Kyushu by shinkansen, the famous high-speed train of Japan. To properly prepare for any shinkansen trip, we must first stock up on bento boxes to eat during the journey. Once we arrive in the home of tonkotsu ramen, we will check in to the four-star Nishitetsu Grand Hotel. For our first night in Fukuoka we will head to an iconic tonkotsu ramen shop where the broth is so rich you will wonder how it’s possible to pack that much wonderful pork flavor into soup.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner (including some drinks)

Day 6: Ramen for breakfast, Dazaifu Tenman-gū shrine, Kyushu National Museum and Japanese street food


Ichiran, the worldwide ramen chain famous for serving diners in individual cubicles, originated in Fukuoka and still maintains many shops there including a 24-hour restaurant. We will have Ichiran ramen for breakfast, after which we will take a short train ride to Dazaifu, a small town known for its beautiful shrine and one of the few national museums of Japan. Once we arrive in Dazaifu, we will stop in at a delightful and unexpected coffee house. The owner is a certified coffee cupper and offers a huge selection of worldwide coffees. Once we are properly caffeinated, we will visit the beautiful Tenman-gū shrine, and spend a few hours at the Kyushu National Museum learning about Japanese and Asian history. After returning to Fukuoka and a few hours of rest or independent exploration, we will have dinner at temporary stalls outside on the sidewalk called yatai. Streetfood is very unusual in Japan, and Fukuoka has one of the only significant street food offerings in Japan.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner (including some drinks)

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Day 7: The cultural and gastronomic history of Fukuoka, yakitori dinner


If you are still up for more ramen, we will breakfast at Ichiran. After a few morning hours on your own, we will take a gastronomic tour of Fukuoka by visiting the original tonkotsu ramen shop, having a sushi lunch with locals at the fish market, and then experiencing a modern version of ramen in a shop built to showcase the ramen chef at the center of the experience. We will then work off all that ramen with a historical walking tour of Fukuoka, learning about both the military and civilian history of this port city. Our final dinner in Japan will be at a typical yakitori joint where the quality of the food is only surpassed by the fun we will have with the friendly and entertaining staff who are eager to share their great yakitori with visitors.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner (including some drinks)

Day 8: Departure day

Enjoy your last hotel breakfast in Fukuoka before heading back home! If you have some time before your flight leaves, continue to explore the amazing culture and flavors of Fukuoka. We are happy to help with suggestions for your last few hours in Japan.

Meals included: breakfast

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Japan tour details 2018

Japan tour details 2018

$3,299 per person, double occupancy

$500 single supplement for solo travelers occupying a room alone 

$1,000 deposit due at booking

Included in the cost: Hotels, most food and drinks (as indicated in the itinerary above), airport transfers, ground transportation, professional guides, entrance fees, all activities, and gratuities. 

Airfare to and from Japan is not included.

A minimum of 6 travelers must book the tour or it will be canceled, in which case customers will receive a full refund, including the deposit. 

If you have questions, email or call us at 1-888-884-5702.

Note: We will be walking quite a bit while we are in Japan. Tokyo especially is best experienced on foot. Public transportation in the country is some of the best in the world, and we will take full advantage of it.

All activities subject to change due to unforeseen events.
Alcohol included in meals as indicated above.