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This is the funniest cookbook I have ever read. I laugh out loud every few pages. In fact, it’s one of the funniest books I’ve ever read, not just the funniest cookbook. Tyler Kord and his partner own the No. 7 Sub restaurants in New York City. Tyler is clearly a hilarious and hilariously neurotic person, and that comes through loud and clear in the book.  Francis Lam at Clarkson Potter edited the book, and many of the exchanges between Tyler and Francis are included in the text. Those are some of the highlights of the book. The humor is reason enough to buy the book, and the actual recipes live up to the hype generated when the Huffington Post named their cauliflower sandwich the #2 sandwich in America. That sandwich includes roasted cauliflower, smoked french dressing, a raisin and scallion relish, and potato chips.  The hilariously titled sandwich is called, “The #2 Best New Sandwich in American in 2012 According to the Huffington Post.” As unusual and delicious as this sandwich is, I prefer the Broccoli Classic which has roasted broccoli, homemade mayo, pickled lychees, ricotta salata cheese, toasted pine nuts and fried shallots. Like many of the recipes in the book, they sound a bit crazy, but also very tasty! I am consistently surprised by the combinations in the recipes and equally consistently entertained and inspired.

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