Science, it's what's for dinner!

Join us for Bold Food pop up dinners! If you've ever wanted to learn about modernist cuisine or the science of cooking, and wanted to eat some more of the delicious food from Bold Food without having to do any of the cooking yourself, come have dinner with us. We can't wait to see you!

Through March 1, we will be serving hand made potato chips with Thai flavors, salmon mi-cuit with the flavors of Southeast Asia, a savory and sweet seasonal salad, French onion ramen with "instant" noodles, and sous vide ice cream that you can help us freeze with liquid nitrogen!

Fat Gold Collaboration Dinners!

In June and July we will be doing collaboration dinners with Fat Gold, a locally produced, artisan olive oil. Every participant will take home a tin of fresh, recently pressed Fat Gold olive oil. Kathryn Tomajan, co-owner of Fat Gold and an award winning olive oil maker, will be on hand to lead an interactive tasting and unravel the mysteries of olive oil: the virgins, the phenols, the secret codes printed on labels. You’ll practice professional tasting techniques, explore the diverse flavor profiles and become a more discerning taster. The menu will use olive oil in brand new, fun, and modernist ways, including an olive oil cocktail!

July 20, 2018



SoMa, San Francisco

Private Dinner

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