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what Are bold food tours?

A Bold Food Tour is the ultimate culinary vacation. We are food obsessives, and we plan trips for other food obsessives. Do you travel for food?  Is learning about a culture through its restaurants, markets and local food traditions your favorite part of visiting a new country?  Do you wish you had the time to book the best restaurant in the country, the one on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, and to find the hole in the wall around the corner that serves the best hand made noodles on the planet?  If that is how you travel or how you wish you traveled, Bold Food tours are for you.  We live for food, we travel for food.  We want to take you with us.   

"Muffie thought of everything on our trip.  We had some set events and options to do more depending on our mood (we chose more).  We also had a great mix of high and low food to round out our experience.  I would definitely travel with her again!" - Laura Storto, Bold Food tour participant

"I find food trips with Muffie have really enriched my life.   On these trips I have learned and experienced so much about food, cooking, and the city, all while having fun!!!" - Irene Pleasure, Bold Food tour participant

"It's such a pleasure traveling with Muffie!  She thinks of everything and makes all of the arrangements -- including dining experiences I could never set up on my own.  All you have to do is pack a bag and enjoy an amazing experience!" - Jennifer Elliott, Bold Food tour participant


Mexico City - April 26-29, 2018

the capital of mexico is fast becoming one of the best dining destinations in the americas. join us for market tours, dining at pujol and quintonil on the world's 50 best restaurant list, mezcal and tequila tastings, and world class art museums

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Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand - Jun 17-24, 2018

thailand is the street food capital of the world, where you can find the spiciest, most complex flavors on every street corner. Bangkok has a new michelin guide, and the northern city of chiang mai has long been known as one of the culinary jewels of the country. Join us to discover amazing thai culinary culture.

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We are happy to work with corporate groups or individuals to curate once in a lifetime experiences anywhere in the world!

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