If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or you will be visiting, take our Classes!

Other classes we recommend

  • Ideas is Food - Aki Kamozawa and Alex Talbot are very experienced chefs who take a bit of an intellectual and experimental approach to cooking.  They have kept an online digital notebook for many years which is a place to learn something new everyday.  Their focus is on using any technique available to make food taste better.  Aki and Alex write incredible books and offer personal workshops in Plumstead, PA.  
  • Ramen School - This is a great ramen school in Osaka, Japan with Miyajima-sensei.  In the course, he teaches multiple soup bases, tare and noodles from scratch.  A translator can also be arranged.  Miyajama-sensei teaches professionals starting their own ramen restaurants and cooking enthusiasts. 
  • Rosendale Cooking Classes  - Rich Rosendale is an extremely accomplished chef who represented the USA at the Bocuse D'Or and is a Certified Master Chef.  He now teaches courses all over the country in modernist plating, the science of bbq, sous vide and CMC exam prep.  
  • Star Chefs - They run the annual International Chefs Congress which consists of a trade show, presentations from well known chefs, and professional level workshops.  The workshops that accompany the conference are on topics like CVaps for desserts, fermentation, and advanced sous vide cooking.  See more details below.