Join us to learn more about modernist cuisine and the science of cooking! 

Offered exclusively through IfOnly.  

Class Location: Los Altos, CA

Cost: $375 per person

Cost includes a private group class, the Joule immersion circulator from ChefSteps, and premium ChefSteps membership. Head over to If Only to sign up!

Duration: 4 hours

Have you ever wondered how your favorite restaurant cooks your steak perfectly every time, with that consistent pink color from edge to edge? Or how they achieved that cooked-but-crunchy texture from a carrot? Chances are, the chef is using sous vide to do it. 

Sous vide is a professional kitchen secret, and mastering it will give you the biggest bang for your buck when improving your own cooking skills. Not only will you learn how to cook meat, fish, and vegetables perfectly in this hands-on class, you will also take home your own Joule, the new immersion circulator from ChefSteps--the only piece of equipment you need to start using sous vide at home. All students in the class will also receive a Premium ChefSteps membership so that you can continue to learn after the class. 

You'll learn other modernist techniques and have an opportunity to use culinary tools such as a Pacojet, blowtorch, and Thermomix, as well as work with hydrocolloids. In this small-group class, Bold Food instructor Muffie Fulton will explain the science behind all of the cooking you do in class because the more you know about how things work, the better your cooking will be.