Portland, Oregon is one of the best food cities in the US. It has one of the highest numbers of restaurants per capita, and all that competition adds up to delicious food. I have been traveling there once or twice per year for many years now, and I am never disappointed.

In addition to the great restaurants, Portland has a unique food cart scene. Don't call them "food trucks," or they will know you are from out of town. Food carts are stationary trailers that are situated in pods of two to 25 all over town, including the suburbs. There are more than 600 of them. Eater keeps a list of "Must-Have Food Cart Dishes" and very successful carts can go on to become restaurants, or, in some cases, create a multi-cart empire.

With all of this great food to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. Here is my list, in order of preference. Note that everything on this list is worth a visit, even the ones at the bottom of the list because this is my best of Portland list.