Bold Food pop up dinners are coming up, and I've worked with Feastly to publish a holiday recipe that is beautiful, festive and delicious!

A ballotine is a boneless, skinless chicken that is stuffed, rolled, and tied. It makes a beautiful, festive dish for the holidays and is delicious warm or cold. I first made this recipe as an experiment in a Bold Food private cooking workshop, and it was a complete success! After seeing that we had chicken, prosciutto, and basil, we began to think along the lines of European/Mediterranean food. Wanting to make something visually stunning with the ingredients on hand, we decided on a chicken-prosciutto ballotine stuffed with garlic, basil, and chicken sausage. The chicken gets perfectly cooked and retains its moisture due to the sous vide technique, and the fillings provide a ton of flavor.

Head over to the Feastly site to see the full recipe with step by step pictures.