BBQ is an art form and there's nothing more satisfying than cutting into your brisket to find that it is still moist and the fat has rendered perfectly.  And like any other art form, practice and persistence help to improve the final product.  It is so disappointing to spend a lot of money on a great piece of meat and spend a lot of time prepping and cooking that meat, only to end up with a chewy piece of shoe leather.  Combining sous vide with smoking is a perfect way to increase your chances of ending up with a moist and delicious brisket.  Sous vide ensures that the brisket will stay tender and moist, while the smoker provides that great bark and smoky flavor.  I combined the ChefSteps Smokerless Smoked Brisket recipe with actual smoking.  Also, because I have a CVap, I was able to keep the brisket whole rather than cutting it in two to fit it into sous vide bags.  Either way will work just fine.  A CVap is a controlled vapor oven which allows you to control the wet bulb and the dry bulb temperatures independently.  The key for this preparation is that there is a tremendous amount of water vapor in the oven which severely limits evaporation from the meat and keeps it as moist as cooking it sous vide in a bag.  In addition, the CVap provides precise, consistent low heat exactly like sous vide.  Check out the pictures below to see the steps for sous vide smoked brisket.