Recommended - Yes

Category - Food Hall with both ingredients and restaurants

This was my first trip to one of Mario Batali's Eatalys. I wasn't sure what to expect. The bottom floor contained some sweets counters and a large collection of boxed candies, along with books (possibly every book Mario Batali or Joe Bastianich have ever had anything to do with), kitchen gadgets and serving dishes. The top floor held a number of counter and sit down restaurants, charcuterie, cheese, fish, meat, bread, wine, and pasta sections. There was a huge collection of Italian cheeses and meats. I asked some some questions about prosciutto at the cheese and charcuterie counter and the very knowledgeable worker told me about the different regions and let me try some great cured ham from all of them, including an American La Quercia Acorn Prosciutto which turned out to be my favorite.  I am partial to jamón (shhhh, don't tell Mario), so it's probably not surprising that this one was my favorite. It is great to see American producers making such high quality products.   Overall, I was impressed by the depth and breadth of the offerings and would go back. It is certainly on the expensive side, but not more than other specialty food stores, and the selection is tremendous.