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Bold Food is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company that teaches the science of cooking and organizes food-focused travel tours. Bold Food Tours offer curated travel experiences that explore culture through the lens of food and offer unparalleled access to the world’s most sought-after restaurants.  Bold Food Classes explore the fun and creative side of modernist cuisine and make complex techniques accessible to home cooks and curious foodies.

"Muffie draws from her culinary travels and scientific background to create classes designed by a foodie for a foodie. She answers the questions that she initially asked with the insights learned from experience and guided by passion.” - Alex Talbot, co-owner of Ideas in Food, chef, author, creativity and modernist cuisine expert

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Bold Food Tours

Do you travel for food?  Is learning about a culture through its restaurants, markets and local food traditions your favorite part of visiting a new country?  Do you wish you had the time to book the best restaurant in the country, the one on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, and to find the hole in the wall around the corner that serves the best hand made noodles on the planet?  If that is how you travel or how you wish you traveled, Bold Food Tours are for you.  We live for food, we travel for food.  We want to take you with us.   

"To summarize a Bold Food Tours experience – it’s so incredibly rich, so refreshingly well-organized, and so thoughtfully filled with first-class entertainment that there’s really nothing quite like it. It easily might be the best food tour ever!" - Emma Krasov, Travel and Food Journalist

Bold Food Classes

We teach the science of cooking and modernist techniques in our high tech garage kitchen, aka The Gitchen.  The ultimate goal of cooking is to make your food taste as good as it can while also making it aesthetically pleasing. Modernist techniques allow you to improve the flavor of ingredients and manipulate and present ingredients in ways not possible with conventional techniques. In our Bold Food Classes we will teach you the science behind the techniques and why they work, which will allow you to improvise on your own when you are back at home. The only requirement is curiosity!

"Muffie's Bold Food cooking class was by far the best cooking class I've ever taken.  I felt like a mad scientist while experimenting with modern cooking techniques and a sophisticated foodie while dining on our beautiful and delicious creation!  Muffie brings the perfect balance of scientific knowledge - aptly handling every question thrown her way- and fun to the kitchen.  Check it will love the experience!" - Joan Skinner, Bold Food customer